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Have you ever said “ I just want to surround myself with positive people” or “ I wish I had some friends or a community that wants to focus on moving in a positive direction”? These were two of the basic needs that spawned Blu the Collective. We are a Growth Community that is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.


It is Blu’s Vision to strive towards positive change in ourselves and our communities. We do this by giving others opportunities to be their best. All of our activities, workshops and retreats have this unifying theme in common.


By seeking different opportunities for growth, we not only start to learn more about ourselves, but we start to make some friends along the way. Blu offers an array of activities structured for development in all areas of life. Some of these activities include; yoga classes, serving the homeless at St.Vincents, Group Hikes, Book Clubs, Reflective journaling, ultimate frisbee, and professional workshops just to name a few. Blu’s growth calendar will always have some consistent growth opportunities as well as some seasonal opportunities.


If you have wanted to make some positive changes in your own life,  then Blu is here for you. Regardless of where you are at in this journey that we call life, Blu knows there is POWER IN THE GROUP. Pop in to one of our many growth opportunities to see if Blu the Collective is right for you.

What is Blu?

Josh Johnson

If you have ever met Josh, you have definitely had him inquiring about your passions in life. He is a gifted question asker and has a genuine fascination for all the things you are interested in.


He has the ability to connect people through crafting a delicious meal or through his passion of teaching and one on one conversation. 


But, honestly, Josh's true gift is being able to create a connection whether you are backyard chillin, in the kitchen, on a mountain top, at the park, having a beer at the bar or just simply on the phone.


Bonnie Abele

In no particular order of importance (Except the first one IS the most important) - Bonnie is a Mother, a Yogi, a teacher, a lover of animals and plants, a spiritual growth enthusiast, a friend, a daughter, a partner, a sister, and an auntie. A stained glass creator and perspective shifter. A lover of the Gene Keys, magic, astrology, reading, nature, the moon, crystals and anything that reflects the light.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it."



Josh 801-662.8122 Bonnie 801-450-4141

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