Josh Johnson

If you have ever met Josh, you have definitely had him inquiring about your passions in life. He is a gifted question asker and has a genuine fascination for all the things you are interested in.


He has the ability to connect people through crafting a delicious meal or through his passion of teaching and one on one conversation. 


But, honestly, Josh's true gift is being able to create a connection whether you are backyard chillin, in the kitchen, on a mountain top, at the park, having a beer at the bar or just simply on the phone.


Bonnie Abele

In no particular order of importance (Except the first one IS the most important) - Bonnie is a Mother, a Yogi, a teacher, a lover of animals and plants, a spiritual growth enthusiast, a friend, a daughter, a partner, a sister, and an auntie. A stained glass creator and perspective shifter. A lover of magic, reading, nature, the moon, crystals and anything that reflects the light.

When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.